Educational and Training

Type of Establishments


iStreams offers a video distribution solution for all classrooms within the establishment, allowing teachers to
improve their courses with Video or Live TV support.
Solutions proposed are based on our IPTV Product Range .


iStreams offers to universities broadcasting solutions for events broadcasting within the University IP Network. iStreams Systems can be found also as Digital Signage Systems, in order to inform students on schedules modifications, classrooms, or internal information.

High Schools

iStreams provides to this particular market, through its IPTV and Digital Signage product range, a set of tools which allow to broadcast conferences on their Intranet Network or directly on the Internet.

Specialized Schools

iStreams has carried out for the National Police School in Nimes, an audiovisual training center which consists of 30 cameras dispatched over several training sites. Teachers can listen and interact with each training site. They can remote control video cameras to show particular situations to students, thus helping them to understand better the risks in real operations.