Solution Types

IP-TV Solutions for Hospitality

iStreams is offering to Hospitality Markets one of the first “all included IP TV System”. The solution is providing Digital Live TV, Video on Demand, Digital Radio, Hospitality functions like Room Service, House keeping, Bill View, Welcome Screen …

iStreams also offers a global consultancy for IP Network Deployment, and Internal Web Servers Development.

Digital Signage and Dynamic Display

Those products from iStreams are offering to Hospitality business a very good and adapted solution to provide information and communication to clients and visitors.
Those solutions can also be used to broadcast live external or internal events such as sports events or in-house conferences.

Pay per View Systems or Access Control

iStreams introduces “IP-Switch”, a simplified access management system for the Hospitality Market.
This system allow simply to remote control Coax connections of all TV Screens connected to the same TV Coax Distribution. It consists of a “Open” or “Close” type of access management to TV channels, (Access to all channels or only pay per view channels)

Internal TV Systems

Thanks to iStreams it is now affordable to install within your Hotel or Hospital a in House TV System, giving customers information about the hotel or hospital itself but also about local exhibitions or events.