High Level Video Audio Integrated Solutions

High Level Video Audio Integrated Solutions

iStreams Offers High Level Expertise for any Multi-Media Project

iStreams can bring its wide and deep expertise to help designing solutions for any Video-Audio project … We have been working for 15 years on multiple type of projects, including very specific needs, special developments, unique hardware solutions. We have provided original designs for the space industry and R&D, as well as we have been part of specific realizations for the Cinema, TV, Show Business, Sports, Culture industry.

Hardware and Software Design

iStreams is also providing consultancy and development for the Hardware and Software development in the field of Audio and Video systems. iStreams has already developped an important set of devices and software during the last 15 years, and we try to maintain our knowledge and know-how permanently at the top of technology, in order to bring our clients and partners, the best service they are expecting from us.

Media Architecture

iStreams can design any kind of specific architecture corresponding to particular needs for Video-Audio-Networking integration for Private Villas, Palaces or Yachts. iStreams offers the top level integration and media distribution solutions for private users.