Exhibition Centers – Congress Centers

Solution Types

IP-TV Solutions

iStreams is offering one of the first « all included IP TV System ».
This solution is providing Digital Live TV, Digital Radio, Video Database   …
iStreams also offers a global consultancy for IP Network Deployment, and Internal Web Servers Development.

RF-TV Distribution System over Structured Cabling

ETHERMEDIA offers a very modular system which can be very easily integrated into Exhibition Centers cabling architecture.
It allows to use the existing twisted pairs cabing to distribute audiovisual signals to all points of the building.
All those points can be managed separately with the ability of giving access rights management to video sources, or displaying specific PlayList for specific displays.

Digital Signage or Dynamic Displays

iStreams-Player is a Client – Server application which offers to all Hotels, Exhibition Centers, Congress Centers, an Information Network Solution which allows to manage the content of all TV screen installed within the buidling.
The system gives a permanent scheduled information to visitors to help them find their ways in the center, and inform them about existing and forcoming events.

Internal TV Systems

iStreams is also offering to exhibition centers the tools to create their Internal TV System, with Content programming, Live Events, Advertising …