Why iStreams?

Working with iStreams has a lot of benefits, You are automatically upgraded to world class features that makes television viewing a better experience.

iStreams operates with a “team” approach to project management. Our knowledgeable staff, back by an experienced technical team, work to establish customers exact needs and requirements. Handoff is then made to our team, from which a project manager is assigned. To ensure continuity throughout the project, iStreams team maintain responsibility for administrative and site operations, empowered to act, as situations require. iStreams focus on meeting the needs of latest technology in IPTV industry. Today the company represents a team of highly qualified professionals with excellent knowledge of network technologies, networking equipment, operating systems knowledge for development of reliable IPTV solutions.

It is the success of iStreams not only in an ability to implement proper design techniques but encompasses a much broader base of knowledge and commitment. Before design can be applied, client needs must be fully understood, from the organizational level down to the individual. It requires a proper balance between form, function, expense, and the ability to adapt as these elements change. It depends upon the knowledge and experience of many disciplines, and relies on a timely response to their needs. Most importantly, it demands dedication and commitment in supporting from conception, through execution, to project completion and beyond.

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If you are an integrator you can become an agent or a sales representant for iStreams products and applications.

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